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Reflecting Houses, Tuebingen

Tuebingen is a beautiful old University town near Stuttgart in south Germany. The center of the city mainly consists of these colorful old buildings. I was taking this photograph during winter last year and I needed quite a few tries in order to get this beautiful smooth reflection. Ducks were constantly swimming past and destroyed the amazing reflection of the buildings and lights in the water.

Camera settings:
30 sec at f13, ISO 50, no filter

Reflecting houses
This picture was taken during winter in the beautiful town of Tuebingen in south Germany. Tuebingen is a traditional university town and famous for its beautiful old houses.
Sunset at the Helix Bridge in Singapore Photography

The Helix Bridge at Marina Bay

The Helix Bridge is a well known spot for photographers in Singapore. It give you a very good view over the city as well as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Singapore ArtScience Museum. I was very lucky to have such a beautiful sunset since it was raining cats and dogs the days before.

Camera settings:
20 sec at f11, ISO 100, ND 1.2 graduated filter

Sunset at the Helix Bridge in Singapore
Sunset at the Helix Bridge with a view to Marina Bay Sands as well as the ArtScience Museum in Singapore