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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Photography

Sunrise at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

One of the biggest tourist attraction in Singapore, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown. You have to visit at morning in order to enjoy the temple without having a lot of people around. The shot was taken from a apartment building staircase nearby. The staircase can be accessed without any restrictions. You just need to walk up to the 13th or 14th floor in order to get a view of the temple as well as the skyline of Singapore at the back.

Camera settings:
3.2 sec at f11, ISO 50, ND 1.2 graduated filter

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore during sunrise

Sunrise at Marina Bay

For almost a year I planned to take this shot. The first attempt ended without been able to spot the location. Finally last month I managed to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise at Marina Bay. I was a bit late in order to catch the blue hour but still got a nice shot.

Camera settings:
144 sec at f16, ISO 50, ND 1.2 filter, ND 1.2 graduated filter

Singapore morning bliss
Singapore Skyline at Marina Bay